• Supervision and monitoring

    Nnadzor lica i pracenje Detektivska agencija Seguridad
  • Business investigations

    Poslovne istrage Detektivska agencija Seguridad
  • Polygraph and polygraphic testing

    Poligraf poligrafsko testiranje

Detektive services - Private Investigator Belgrade Serbia


Welcome to the website of Detective agency “Seguridad” Belgrade


If the reason for your visit is curiosity, we will be pleased to introduce you to the services provided by the Seguridad Detective Agency.

In the event that the reason for your visit is that you have a problem and look for a solution, we assure you that you are in the right place, we will surely find a solution for your problem.

The idea of the founders of Detective Agency Seguridad is to provide detective services to legal and physical persons at the highest professional level. Our clients are companies and individuals who need quality and timely information in order to make as high quality business or private decisions as possible. We use modern equipment, proven and learned techniques necessary for successful performance of entrusted tasks.

Detective agency Seguridad provides detective services throughout Serbia. The agency's headquarters are in Belgrade, but apart from Belgrade we provide detective services in all cities and towns in Serbia.

Seguridad Detective Agency staff consists exclusively of experienced and highly qualified individuals who specialize in one or more areas, which enables us to offer a wide range of services.

All our employees are always directed towards the client in order to find the best solution for his problem. We emphasize our professional attitude towards clients, respect for detective ethics and legal regulations.

The Detective Agency guarantees dignity and secrecy of data. Customer data is completely protected, giving the client complete security, regardless of whether it is a natural or legal person.

The Seguridad Detective Agency can always provide the right solution for your problem.


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